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Special showing Q&A with Director

Tuesday 30 July, 7.00 for 7.30. Iffley Church Hall, Church Way, OX4 4EG

Initial release: 5 March 1998 (Germany) Director: Ingrid Sinclair

Ingrid Sinclair had hoped to make a documentary about the role of women freedom fighters in the Rhodesian Bush War of the 1970s. However, though proud of their contribution, women she approached feared to be identified, so she made a feature film instead.

It was the first Zimbabwean film made since independence and is a tribute to the many ANC female guerillas. The story, told in flashback, concerns two young women, Florence, played by Marian Konouga, and Nyasha, played by Ulla Mahaka.  At the height of the war, following the illegal detention of Florence’s father, they run away to join a ZANLA training camp in Mozambique. Adopting revolutionary identities, Florence takes the name ‘Flame.’ The film tells the story of their part in the struggle for liberation, but also the disillusionment that follows the realisation that many windows of opportunity, particularly for women, close again once the war is over and political liberation achieved.

It was a controversial film and a negative reaction, from the powerful War Veterans, led to its confiscation as a ‘tissue of lies,’ both subversive and pornographic! After an international protest, the film was returned and shown in Zimbabwe, where it was a number one film in 1996

We’re delighted that Ingrid Sinclair will introduce the film, at 7.30, putting it in its historical and political context, and will stay afterwards for a Q&A

Please use online booking, our preferred method of purchase (see below).

As ever, you can buy tickets in Iffley village shop, by e- mail, iffleyvillagefilm@gmail.com, or at the door. We offer refreshments from 7pm, so please come in good time to catch the bar, as we start  the film promptly at 7.30.

Online booking closes 5pm day before screening. Tickets are £5, to include refreshments, from Iffley village shop or at the door. Our preferred method of booking is to book ahead online. Easy to do this on this address, stating name and number of tickets required: iffleyvillagefilm@gmail.com This way you will get a confirmation of your ticket. We will keep ordered tickets until 7.15, after which they will be sold if uncollected.

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