January 2021 update

Hello everyone,

2021 is beginning to pick up speed, but it’s not too late to send you our best wishes for a better year ahead. It’s nearly a year since we went ‘off air,’ but, among all the changes last year has brought, we’re still here and thinking about the future.

It’s difficult to plan ahead, as you’ll understand, and though provisional, a date for your diaries, when we hope to be up and running is 7.30 p.m Tuesday 11th May, Iffley Church Hall. We’ll be in touch with film details in due course. Meanwhile, no doubt you’ll have been sustained by the huge variety of films and box-sets that have appeared on all sorts of channels over the past year. We’ll be doing our best to identify some interesting and worthwhile choices for the future.

Best wishes,

The Iffley Film Nights team

www.iffleyfilmnights.co.ukIffley Film Nights


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